• Shivam singh thakur

    Shivam singh thakur

  • Juuso Pekkinen

    Juuso Pekkinen

    aka Aleksi Ruuskanen. Actor / Uusi Päivä, radio host / YleX Maailma toiseksi paras radioshow, geek, student / aesthetics, post-apocalyptic philosopher samurai.

  • Gus Aragón

    Gus Aragón

    I have over 10 years of experience in software development and management of development teams in different countries. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gustavoaragon

  • Sev


    Coder or something. Tinkering with astrophotography, cryptocurrencies et al.

  • Saul Schubak

    Saul Schubak

  • Maria P. Gomez Gelvez

    Maria P. Gomez Gelvez

    Law. Bitcoin

  • Mina Cristi Hamilton

    Mina Cristi Hamilton

    Space exploration, economics, and tech enthusiast. Viva la open source!

  • Mikko Ikola

    Mikko Ikola

    Entrepreneur | Co-founder at @Ambronite

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